Visual Lotter

The Visual Lotter is a tool we created to help auction galleries visually lot an auction. It allows the user to see, in thumbnail view, the existing lots of an auction, any "holes" in the auction, and available inventory to be added to the auction. Furthermore, you can filter the available inventory by Inventory Type (which you define). In the screenshot below we are viewing the American Clocks in inventory and we might then drag-and-drop them to lot numbers 8 and 9.

Visual Lotter

As you hover above a thumbnail, more item information is displayed including description, estimates and reserves.


Auction galleries will often print a stack of notecards. Each notecard displays the information and a picture for each piece of inventory that is ready to be assigned to the auction. The auction gallery will use these notecards and a large flat surface to create a sale order that makes the most sense. At this point, the auction gallery then has to enter this order into the computer. With the Visual Lotter, you can use the exact same process, but it's faster and saves paper!


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